Jorge Cham and his “PhD, the Movie” came to Karolinska Institutet last November, 2011.

The PhD Movie poster Karolinska

A batch of PhD students from Karolinska Institutet (Solna Campus, for who knows) and I, had organized the screening of  “Piled Higher and Deeper” The Movie, film inpired by the famous on-line comic strips drawn by the magic hand of Jorge Cham. For the occasion, Jorge himself and Alexandra Lockwood (Physic PhD student and actress playing “Cecilia” in the movie) took time to come and visit our campus.

Jorge was particularly interested into Karolinska because of the Nobel Prize. We organized for him and Alex a tour into the heart of the Nobel, the Nobel Forum, where the a Committee reunions to decide who’s gonna get the Prize next year.

At the screening, a load of PhD students and not, from all over Karolinska (plus some colleagues form KTH and Stockholm Uni) full the theater, the same one where Physiology or Medicine Laureates gives their speech on Decembers, few days before getting the Prize from the hands of Carl XVI Gustaf, king of Sweden.

The movie starts, we laugh our lungs out.

After the screen, we had a Q&A session with Jorge and Alex, whom highlighted some “behind the scene” and reveald some interesting coming feature on the comics (we gonna get a Biology PhD student!). Jorge is actually really really funny. He knows how to warm the audience. We also had some high-glucose moment, when a lady form the audience took the mike and confess that at the time of her graduation, also the main character of the comic was going through this. Her life and the comic life had a parallel path for few month. Love love love.

Afterwards, theater empty –> FREE FOOD! The key world to trig student interest. Jorge signed up some comics and gave an interview to journalist Natalie von der Lehr, for Nordic Life Science (, who we are waiting with interest the article! Natalie already interviewed Jorge and here comes an article available on the web:

The evening tunes down, people disapper slowly, there is a mess to clean up and our guest to bring out for dinner. We eventually success in each one of these steps, with no major incident. We were all dead at the end.

Thanks Jorge Cham, it was great meeting you, I say this form all the organizers.

And this is from him to us:

jorge cham for Karolinska PhD students

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  1. Hi there

    I just found your blogpost by chance and thought I should let you know what happened to my article. I wrote a short piece for “Naturvetare” and started off with an article for NLSR but then there just wasn’t enough space in that issue. In the middle of everything I decided to quit my job and go back to freelancing. I still have that draught sitting on my computer and don’t know what to do with it.

    But there’ll be more opportunities and I’ll continue to follow Jorge and PhDcomics. I actually got very inspired by him and the movie.

    And my compliments on your blog! Well written and funny 🙂
    Best regards

    1. Hi Natalie!
      Thank you for swing by 🙂

      It’s a pity that your article is just collecting dust now. Can’t you put it up somewhere? I’m sure it’s awesome.
      Wish you best luck for everything and your new career direction.
      If you wish to get in contact to KI again or get some insiders, don’t hesitate to contact me again.


      1. Hi again

        yes, it’s a pity but now I might just have found the right angle. Jorge has started a contest where he will animate PhD students theses:
        Something for you maybe? 🙂

        Would be fun to talk from somebody in Sweden who is entering the contest.

        I am giving a course at KI in popular science writing in the autumn, for postdocs. But I think the first lecture will be open for a larger audience, I’ll let you know if you are interested.

        Have a nice summer!

        1. Hej Natalie!
          thank you for flagging this Jorge initiative to me. It’s exciting, I should absolutely join the competition!
          I would also love to meet you at the popular science writing, please let me have more infos 🙂

          Additionally, I wanted to inform you that we are organizing an outreaching symposium at Karolinska named Nov2k, that will host international speakers that will shear their ideas to a broad scientific audience. Students and young investigators are welcome from all the fields: engineering, design, medicine, biology, nursing…
          We are interested in getting some media coverage of the event. We are making it social through FB and Tweeter and blogging. Are you interested?

          Enjoy summer!

          1. Can you let me know if you enter the contest? In case I do write about it it would be good to talk to somebody who is participating (and hopefully gets their thesis animated).

            I did a piece on a girl who participated in the Science-contest “dance your PhD” and the same web-magazine (which I highly recommend if your Swedish is ok) might be interested in the comic-thing.

            The conference sounds fun, I will consider it and will talk to some of “my” editors after vacations. I do let you know about my course as well. I just tried to send you a friend request on FB but couldn’t do so, might be that my brain is one big marshmallow. So if you can send a request to me instead (Natalie von der Lehr) it will be easier to stay in touch. Your FB-page looks great, I’m planning sth like that for my company.

            But first vacation…sort of…

            Have a good summer!

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