Hi there.

It’s the first post I’m attempting to wrint into this brand new blog. I have been thinkign of having such wordpress from long long time and only recently I got the real kick off: I bumped into a very nice blogger on the web, his name is Austin Kleon. I saw a super fantastic video on his blog http://www.austinkleon.com/speaking/. He’s just so much inspiring. I know writing is somehting that calls me. Often. Creativity puls into me so much, at night, at day, that I hardly resist to stay up late just to read about what I love, and what I would like to do. I draw often sketch, I hold a “ideas book” where I put down everything that comes in my mind on the way to work, or at coffee with friends.

People inspire me a lot. I met increadible people since I have been living in Stockholm. Moreover, my working place is simply the best thing I would ever demand for me to grow. My PhD student career proceed well and I feel I could do whatever I’d like to, just ask. Or not even. Do! I’m trying to start up a project in my institute to bring molecular biologist closer to clinicians and vice versa. I dunno if I will succeed. But I have all the intentions.

This entry has not been reviewed. I nee so much to start this that any entry is ok. Now.

Next step? … where do I wanna go with this?

I wanna go!

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