Long ago, me and a bunch of students from Karolinska Institutet organized the projection of the geek-world well-known film: PhD the Movie.

This movie has been going in the Institutet and Universities all over the world, and made its creator, Jorge Cham, even more known than before. The movie is inspired by the strips of Jorge, whom started this project from scratch after surviving a PhD in robotics. Jorge became well known and now his primaly occupation is to enteratain PhD student with weekly press comics. He also held numerous speeches directed to PhD students in many campus in US, showing them the “powerful of procrastination”. Good starting point if you wanna gain popularity among us 🙂

We had the privilege to host both Jorge and Alex Lockwood (PhD student herself – Cecilia in the movie) for the entire day of the projection. We had fun! Here I add some picts of the event (credit: Anja Castensson)

The latest update is that we have now set up in the common kitcken in CMB department a poster that Jorge draw and signed himself to thanks the organizers and all the student in KI for enthusiasms (and the calm to organize all of this!)

Instangram (@riccardoguidi87)

You are all welcome to come and have a look!

I would like to acknowledge, again, all the people involved in this project (random order!)

Indira, Adina, Heather, Therese, Anethe, Michaela, Matti, Maria, Vilhelmina, Tanya, Kiran and Jelena!

Amazing journey with all of you. Looking forward for a new project.

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