I am taking part of #SciFund Challenge 2 –

Starting day: May 2012.

What is #SciFund? SciFund is an experiment: can scientist and researcher grant their projects through online crowdfunding systems? The experiment was peroformed already once, back in 2011. A group of scientists organized a platform on Rockethub website to finance 50 different scientific projects. Backers were numerous, and the initiative rose more then 70,000$. Most importantly, the campaign gave to many nerdy PhD students, postdocs and PIs to the possibility to get a window and to show off. Plenty of videos were uploaded on Rockethub to fish up backers and all of them were something like:

“Hey people, this is what my science is about. Isn’t it cool? Isn’t it so cool that you wanna back it? Maybe with 10$…? [PLEEEEASE!]”

The organizer of the #SciFund analyzed in detail the outcomes from the first round. The lesson we learned is that the scientist behind the project, if wanna be successful, must have: a low-profile goal (2,000-3.000$), tangible enthusiasm, be open with it’s research to the audience, be funny and have a good sponsoring system through his/her social network channels.

You know me. Do you think I have these qualities? 😉

The whole project is starting again. And I am part of it.

I will keep you updated with the progress I am making with my campaign. In the meanwhile, to warm up all my future backers, here come a #SciFund Laboratory Note. I decided to document what happens behind my crowdfunding campaign. To do so, I am actively collaborating with the experience designer Fernanda Torre, that will help me to pitch the whole thing and most importantly to shoot the video. Will we succeed?

Final question: Can scientists rise money through crowdfunding?

… to be continued!

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