-5 days to the launch of my crowdfunding campaign for science!

Do you want to know is a scientist will ever be able to get funded for his/her research directly from the people out there?

Follow my insane idea of scientific-research crowdfunding!

From May first, the project I wanna fund with all the ditails and the awesome rewards for the backers will appear on RocketHub website. This initiative is taken along with a consortium of 150 researchers all over the world that wanna get out there and show to people how awesome their research is.

Yes, you understood correctly. From the first of May, a flock of geeks will invade the web to pretend attention on their favorite research project. And among all of them, of course, you will back MY project, RIGHT? 😉

To warm you up, here comes what happened during the shooting of the video of the campaign at CMB labs (Karolinska). Collaborators: Fernanda Torre (director and editing), Jonas Fuks and Laura Levi.

Stay glued. We are coming!

PS: in case you missed it, here is the link of the other preview of the campaign.

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