Here we go.

It’s 01:00 am of Saturday 28th and I am straggling with rewards, video editing, project description (damn typos!), advertisements… Fortunately I am spending this fab friday evening with Nazzareno, the graphic designer who prepared the official logo of the campaign that you can see in preview!!



While you all wait to see the final results 0f these efforts, you can entertain yourself glancing at the webpages of the two main collaborators of this insane project: Fernanda Torre and Nazzareno Giannelli.

Fernanda has taken great care of the video shooting, advised me about science communication to a general audience, designing the video scenes and editing. Her final video of the project will appear on RocketHub the 1st of May.

Nazzareno is taking care of the overall graphic, the final touch to the video and of your amazing rewards!

Conclusion of the night: it’s all a LOT of fun, but frankly, I’ll stick up on research. I promise!

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