I am sitting in the dining room of the Town Hall of Cheltenham, a lovely city on the West cost of England. In spite the fact that this place counts few thousands of souls, this week has happen something amazing for the world of science: the Cheltenham Science Festival. Dozens of people interested in science and tecnology came here form all over the world to meet ecah other, and more importantly, to make their voice heard to the society.

Every day, floods of elementary school kids are coming here to see and touch with their hands how cool science is. Along with them, the adult audience come to enjoy the numerous talks given by experts in different fields in leading discoveries and problem that the scientific community is really commited to solve.

Doug Turnbull talked to us about the latest application with in vitro fertilization and its ethical concerns. Vivienne Westwood (fashion designer) explained why “tomorrow is too late” to save our planet. Stefan Gates (BBC)  showed how to fries an egg on a piece of paper.

The Times journal is following the events together other international sponsors. Uncountable talks are held ar the same time and it’s impossible to follow them all. This is a real party!

These days Cheltenham is a big think-tank on the edge of explosion. Tonight at 6:00 PM (UK time) there will be the FameLab International Final that looking at the semi-finals, promise to be a BOOM! Don’t miss it in streaming and VOTE for your favorite FameLabber!

Festival of the Spoken Nerds give a great show to put together nerd stuff and standup
Festival of the Spoken Nerds give a great show to put together nerd stuff and standup

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