Ops, I did it again.

Running after my burning desire to bring science outside these academic walls, I engaged into a new contest for science communication: The PhD Comics: 2 Minutes Thesis Contest.


The contenders are asked to narrate in two minutes their PhD thesis, to explain what is about and why it matters. The target audience is other grad students that are in completely different field.

“Image you explaining your physic theories to an historian”

Being technical without jargons, creativeness and clarity are parameters to define the winners.

… and now comes voting! From August 6th to August 20th you can support my two minutes thesis and make it climbs the rank!

The first 12 entries with the highest votes will be awarded with PhD comics’ gadgets + the honor to see their thesis animated by The PhD comic creator Jorge Cham.

Jorge is the mind behind this initiative, on the behalf of his little comic publishing company “Piled Higher and Deeper”. This contest frames perfectly well within the current need for scientist to engage more and more to new audience but the usual lab mates or supervisors. Engaging in science communication provide ultimately benefit to the scientific world in general and to researchers initiative in particular.

Such exercise is highly recommended to all researchers and science educators, and in some aspects is similar to what I did as FameLabber in Cheltenham.

The importance of un-expected collaborations across different fields would be greatly larger if we engaged in conversations with researchers in areas that don’t mach ours more often.

Here is to listen to my two minutes thesis and cast your vote!

Geeks, once again, rock.

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