According to a leaked information from the president of Medicinska Föreningen (MF) Johan Hilm, Karolinska Institutet decided to take action for the problem of student housing in Stockholm. On the pipeline of the Institute, there would be a collaboration with Akademiska Hus (the formal owner of all KI building in Solna Campus) to build a student house skyscraper on top of Jons Jacobs, the canteen of KI Solna Campus next to the Library.

The official release of this project will be disclosed with the next press of the research magazine Medicor.

Representatives of MF manifest in front of Nobel Forum the day of the Prize announcement.

With no doubt, MF should be profoundly acknowledged for having pushed the issue of lack of student houses all the way under KI administration noses, as I covered previously. Strikingly, the Union took a theatrical action manifesting in front of the Nobel Forum the very same day of the Prize in Medicine and Physiology announcement, attracting the deserved attention.

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