The lab of today have been a substantial disaster.

We have been asked to use R to interrogate a microarray deposited in GEO. Excluding the fact that people didn’t even know what R was and coding was like: WTF?! for many of them; the rest didn’t go well either. The instructions wanted us to upload some mysterious packages from BioConductor and copy and paste some code.

I supposed the idea was to cretically evaluate a microarray, but the total luck of clear information about what we were doing, make me really… sad.

I soon decided to skip the exercise and spend time reading the manuals of the packages I downloaded. I had a fair understanding of what the Quality Control (QC) function was. Well, it’s not very interesting for you to know, and it’s like step -3 of microarray analysis.

In the second part of the lab we moved to use Galaxy, but as the server kept crashing for everyone (too much knowledge at once) I just kept reading my tutorial on affimetric normalization systems.

Let’s hope tomorrow will just go better.

Day 1, Day 2

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