Up to date, about 100 people in Italy have been injected with unapproved stem-cells derived from the secret protocol of Daniele Vannoni, a psychologist self-elected as the medical doctor that will provide free cure to terminally-ill patients, defeating the bad pharmacological industry.

Vannoni is the director of the no-profit Stamina Foundation, the center of international stem-cell expert concern.

These days, the Low Chamber of the Italian Parliament is reevaluating the Balduzzi’s law (DDL), a controversial and not-yet-approved draft that will allow more patients to access easily Vannoni cures. This law is the result of a disastrous combination of italian long-lasting diffidence in official medicine and aggressive media coverage on few “miraculous” cases with Stamina. More about the law in this previous post.

The Chamber heard representative from the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA – of which the webpage seems crashed today. Well done!), the National Institute of Health (ISS) and the National Transplant Center (CNT). Additionally, stem-cell researchers were sitting next to representative of Stamina Foundation and families of patients.

As summarized by OggiScienza, all groups expressed a compact and negative opinion for law. All, excluding Prof. Vannoni.

In summary, this is what came out:

“If the results given from Stamina trials will be done outside the rules, then no scientific conclusions can be inferred” N. Costa (National Transplant Center)

Vannoni, on the other side, has one number: “18.000 people asked me to have access to the treatment”, and “so many will die just because you keep comparing Stamina cures to ‘magic potions'”.

Brilliantly, E. Cattaneo and M. De Luca (stem cell researchers) replied that Vannoni seems to want the Italian government to “instigate to euthanasia”.

Result of the discussion? It seems that the Low Chamber will substantially change the draft of the law, introducing the centralized experimentation directed by ISS (now VERY similar to Di Bella case 15 years ago – italians don’t learn), and erase the part where the treatment would be equalized to organ transplant.

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