I am happy to re-post this job offer from the Center for Gender Medicine, a rising network of Karolinska Institutet that focus on the health and science that account for gender bias. Deadline is March 12th.

Open position for Educational Leader at Centre for
Gender Medicine

Centre for Gender Medicine, Department of Medicine at Karolinska Institutet supports research and education towards innovation in health care via promotion and implementation of sex and gender analysis. This strengthens quality of science, medicine and education, enhances competitiveness that together allow an optimal exploitation of knowledge with ultimate goal to improve health for both women and men.

We are seeking a highly motivated, creative and dedicated person for a 100% position for further development of educational platform that is directly related to the implementation of sex/gender aspects in medical curriculum, other educational programs, as well as in different doctoral/master degree programs at Karolinska Institutet. Specific work emphasis will be placed on the development of massive open online courses and additional expansion of already existing web-based educational course and/or undergoing courses at place for doctoral or master students at Karolinska Institutet.

Entry requirements
Prospective candidate should have a PhD degree in medicine/biology or candidate is very close to the date of thesis defense or has master degree in biomedicine or Lic. Exam. The MD degree is highly valued, as well as degree for other specialties relevant for health care. Degrees from abroad should be equivalent/comparable with EU educational degrees. Strong expertise in teaching and science communication is a requirement. Broad experience in IT applications will be advantageous. Scientific record particularly in gender medicine is also highly appreciated.

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