Following the crowdfunding campaign lunched at the end of last year, the OpenAccess movement AllTrial wants to get viral with a video that shows the bad side of medical research: the “publication bias”.

AllTrial is a no-profit organization which tries to sensitize the public, the doctors and the policy makers about the huge, uncontrolled problem of unpublished Clinical Trials.

Both industry and academic-running trials have the problem of hiding the raw data of their founding, and selectively disclose to drug regulators only those trials that proved the drug to be effective.

Best estimations indicates that about half of all clinical trials have not been published.

Medical doctors and patients need a complete pictures of the effects of a drug in order to take informed decisions and avoid unnecessary pain.

If I disclose to you only half of the results I obtain from flipping a coin, I may convince you that that coins only give you “heads” – Ben Goldacre.

It was also thank to AllTrials petition – today signed by the most prestigious Universities, Funding agencies and some Big Pharmas –  that in April the European Parliament voted a substantial amendment to the regulation of Clinical Trials, that soon all the Member States will have to pick up in their legislations.

Above: the MEP Glenis Willmott during the debate at the Parliament.

In an effort to sensitize Italian citizens on the matter, and to encourage my legislator to enforce the new EU rules as soon as possible, here comes the video where I intriduce the matter to the Minister of Health. Is better to keep this up until Italy hasn’t enforced it.


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