From Italy, to Sweden, to England to California. I have made biomedical research for more than 12 years.

doing TC at NIMR
Doing TC at National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR – today The Francis Crick Institute) – Pic from 2016

I obtained my PhD in Medical Science at Karolinska Institutet, in Stockholm (Sweden), and when I was a student I opened this blog, because I needed to talk to you. Communicating Science and Idea has reached a pivotal moment in history, and I want to be part of that conversation. More professional like me needs to leverage their expertise and talent to talk to the general public about what matter to us.

My friend Jonas Fuks and I at student-organized conference in Stockholm – 2011

If you talk, people will listen.

I love to promote my science to the general audience and to other scientists from different fields. Wanna know what is my rocket science about? Click here!

But I am not only a skilled pipetting machine. I am have a solid track record of science communication. My experience in this topic granted me the National FameLab Award 2012, a talent scout competition that seeks the future ‘Brian Cox’ of science communication. More info and my personal experience can be found here and at Cheltenham Science Festival 2012.

The international FameLab Class – Cheltenham Science Festival 2012

I am a freelance science journalist. I used to write regularly for the Italian Biotechnology Association (ANBI) (ended in 2016) and did a couple of things for other italian magazines, with less success.

I helped my Alumni university (Karolinska Institute) in numerous activities: I was responsible for the PR of the Tumor Biology program, a group of professors and students that promote education for future leading experts in tumor biology. I organized interdisciplinary conference, with the disclosed goal to bridge the gap between experts and interested scientist from different fields (Nov2k).

My first encounter with the immunology field happened through Polly Matzinger, at the Nov2k conference in 2012

I have experience in developing ideas with designers within life science, as a successful collaboration with Experience Designer from Konstfack school could tell (Bench to Bed group).

I present some new idea on how to talk Science at an internal Cancer Research conference at Karolinska, 2012

I participated in the second edition of #SciFund, a global crowd-funding movement of scientists who ask directly to people to fund their research projects.

To conclude, my key words are geek and skeptic. And I am proud of it. I pay particular attention to the geek movement on the web, I follow people like Lyndsay PetersFestival of the Spoken NerdsGeek PopSkeptics in the Pub#GeekManifestoBen Goldacrenerdfighters, and so on.

Consulting soon-to-become PhDs on how to pursue their second step in academia (pic credit)

More recetly, I picked up an interest in data visualization and analysis, and opened a page on this website where I keep track of my progress.

So, what can I do for you?