Applause to Us

Today at Genentech we had a Career Day, a Postdoc organized event, where Genentech alumni share their experience and development after a postdoc, in industry and beyond. A speaker I really enjoyed today was Susan, a consultant and career coach. It was pretty obvious to me that she has consulted primarily with non-scientists, nonetheless I […]

Brexit is chaos for UK Scientists – interview for NatScience Podcast

I have recorded an interview for a Podcast produced by NatScience, a science communication agency based in Sweden. The topic is the hottest in the Europe scientific community these days: Brexit. Enjoy it! What was your reaction to the result of the referendum? My reaction was similar to the one of other thousands British researchers: […]

For the benefit of both: a bacterial toxin spares the host from death

The latest effort from my former PhD supervisor Teresa Frisan, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, was published today April 7th in PLoS Pathogen. And it rocks! On my records, the first experiment towards this manuscript began in summer 2012. I was in the middle of my PhD studies, with many other things boiling, but this story finally found […]

Paolo Macchiarini couldn’t just be a simple, good scientist

At the beginning, I followed Dr. Macchiarini misadventures with a distant, respectful eye. I intimately sympathised for a surgeon who traveled the world, who is framed by The Lancet as a great doctor, and who left Italy cursing out its corrupted academic system. Everything he said made sense to me. It made perfectly sense also to Benita Alexander, the journalist […]

“Get the Cash and Run” – Researchers in Italy must act ahead of Government

Saying something new on the looming landscape of medical research in Italy isn’t trivial thing. It requires astuteness, stomach, and a fair degree of imagination. Today, I will try to pull all of this out of the hat as panelist of a conference organised by the University of Bologna on the “evaluation and perspective of its biomedical research”. The meeting […]

How to make good University an excellent University

I have been off to Bologna last weekend for ReUniOn, the first international meeting of University of Bologna’s ex-alumni. For three days, the historical city centre witnessed an invasion of 20.000 people, of all ages and genders, wearing badges with the colour of the Department they graduated into back to the days. Stands located in town hosted panel discussions […]

Beware: Global Warming consideration by The Vatican

Pope Francis recent considerations on global warming corroborates my idea that Vatican lacks the “fresh air” people associate with its latest appointed leader. The Church – this communication showed me – once again proposes a version of facts that does not correspond to reality to satisfy a Catholic rhetoric. Through an encyclical, the most considered of Catholic’s preaches, […]

Facial Imperfect Paedophilies hit the News with Lies

I sent the following letter yesterday to the editorial office of The Times in UK, following an awkward reading I had on their newspaper the same day. I wish Stephen J Gould were here to see me 🙂  To Whom it may concern, I bring to your attention what I consider a disturbing reading from today’s newspaper, Thursday […]

The Crick Staff Forum: mode ON

Today I have learned two very important things: “The Wellcome Trust” is named after a person and not a noun (god bless my poor foreign grammar); and a company that wants to discharge 100 employees has 45 days to get its head around it. These important yet distinct pieces of knowledge came from my ACAS training, at the Wellcome Trust. ACAS […]

MOOCs disappointment: pay 49$ to get certified

I am under the impression that paying 49$ to Coursera to receive a “verified certificate” for attending one of their course fails the whole spirit of MOOCs. I began the “Mathematical Biostatistic Bootcamp” online course organised by John Hopkins Universities in collaboration with Coursera. Coursera is an catalogue of over 100 different online courses – given away […]