Nature Magazine sings the praises of non-existing cure

In its recent Outlook on Cancer Immunotherapy, the respectable journal Nature features an article that talks about MBVax, a Vancouver-based company that “produces cancer vaccine for compassionate use to countries where government regulators allowed its importation and use”. Mmmh… MBVax does not have the permission to give their cancer vaccines to patients in US, EU and other regulated […]

Pseudo-science meets pseudo-political power: the celebration of nonsense

The Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin is probably doing the best she can to handle the controversy of a popular “stem-cell therapy”, invented by the psychologist Davide Vannoni, who gained national notoriety thanks to unwise media hype in Italy. Vannoni’s therapy has been indicated (by its own inventor) as the remedy for a large variety […]

3…2…1: FameLab is in the house!

The countdown is over. Last friday, December 6th, FameLab was introduced to Sweden. FameLab is the science communication competition where brave and passionate nerds attempt to convey a complex scientific message in three minutes. Any trick is allowed, even gigantic glasses. The competition was created at Cheltenham Sci Festival, that ever since 2005 has hosted the international final, where FameLabbers […]

One Conference to Rule Them All: Why Nov2k is a Rising Star

UPDATE 6th Oct 2014: At this very Nov2k symposium, Dr Edvard Moser was one of the fantastic Keynote speakers. Today, one year later, Edvard Moser receives the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the cells in the brain that represent space. ————————————————————– Few events in the busy calendar of Karolinska get me […]

Queerolinska brings “gay science” on stage

The LGBTQ student association of Karolinska Institutet announces the first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Science Symposium ever hosted in Stockholm. The appointment is for November 20, at Medicinska Föreningen, Nobels Väg 10, Solna Campus. Visa större karta Queerolinska is the student association that promotes LGBTQ awareness within academia, with the mandate to connect queer […]

FameLab comes to Sweden – we look for ORGANIZERS

FameLab is a brilliant and fresh popular communication event, where enthusiasts deliver a scientific message in 3 minutes, without slide. Since 2005, where the format arrived at Cheltenham Science Festival, the contest has spread all over the world. But not in Sweden. Yet. With the local support of the British Council and the enthusiasm of the British […]

Did KI Working Groups become more English-friendly?

Maybe not all the the 2.300 PhD students at Karolinska Institutet knows that they are officially represented by the Doctoral Student Association (DSA) of Medicinska Föreningen. This section has the legal mandate to represent doctoral students in front of KI, and allocates members to the numerous Karolinska Working Groups. KI has 28 working group, which are […]

Lettera al Ministro della Salute Beatrice Lorenzin – AllTrials

Gentile Ministro, So che è molto impegnata in questi mesi: deve tenere a bada i possibili tagli alla salute pubblica e fronteggiare i delusi per il mancato finanziamento a cure sperimentali che cercavano di saltare la fila… Robe serie. Ma ho bisogno di parlarle! Le regole della scienza medica in Europa stanno per cambiare per […]

Karolinska Institutet has a new auditorium

The project becomes a reality thanks to a donation done in 2007 from the family Erling-Persson of 350M SEK (about 40€ millions) to finance the contractions. The first brick was posed in September 2010. Three years later, the open ceremony.