‘Access to clinical trials data must be the norm’

Dear Friends The Institute of Medicine has just said that clinical trial data sharing should become the norm This institute is a highly respected voice on medical issues in the US and its new report sets a high bar for the future of data sharing. Importantly, the report concludes that “challenges to sharing data – […]

WHO to support OpenAccess to Clinical Trials Data

Dear Friends Here is an excellent development in AllTrials, the international campaign that aims to transform the way scientists, universities and industries perform clinical trials. The campaign has operated for 2 years to make the world aware of the problem in data transparency in clinical studies. Reports indicates that between 50-30% of clinical studies do not report their […]

AllTrials Goes Viral with a Video Campaign

Following the crowdfunding campaign lunched at the end of last year, the OpenAccess movement AllTrial wants to get viral with a video that shows the bad side of medical research: the “publication bias”. AllTrial is a no-profit organization which tries to sensitize the public, the doctors and the policy makers about the huge, uncontrolled problem of unpublished Clinical Trials. […]

Lettera al Ministro della Salute Beatrice Lorenzin – AllTrials

Gentile Ministro, So che è molto impegnata in questi mesi: deve tenere a bada i possibili tagli alla salute pubblica e fronteggiare i delusi per il mancato finanziamento a cure sperimentali che cercavano di saltare la fila… Robe serie. Ma ho bisogno di parlarle! Le regole della scienza medica in Europa stanno per cambiare per […]

BigPharma fights against clinical data disclosure – AllTrials updates

The head of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry body has threatened “a series of lawsuits” in case the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will go ahead with plans to publish more of the clinical trial information it holds, AllTrials campaigners says. Particularly, the debate is whether the regulatory body should release Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) after the drug has been approved. […]

Letter to the European Medical Agency: release clinical trials data

Clinical trials are the very heart of modern medicine. Every time we want to know if a new drug discovered in labs is effective, we conduct a “simple” Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), a fascinatingly basic experiment known to humans since biblical time. RCTs are a very potent tools to help patients, doctors and regulatory bodies to understand […]

Pharma must register trials and disclose results: why it matters

In science, policy and economy, unflattering data get often disregarded. If, as a scientist, your experiment does not support your initial hypothesis, you can do two things: repeat it until it satisfies you and publish it, or acknowledge the fact that your hypothesis may have a flaw. Wise researchers often opt for the second option, and give themselves the […]