Karolinska supports its students at Stockholm Pride Parade

It arrived today the news that Karolinska Institutet will participate to this year Stockholm Pride Parade through it’s official LGBT-student association: Queerolinska (QK). As part of the steering committee that formulated the request, I’m impressed how quickly KI responded to our call. An official document was sent to the attention of the President of Medicisnka Föreningen, […]

Get PhD students into Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings: #BtoB project part II

The mission of Bench to Bed (BtoB) continues. We are a group of motivated medical/nursing students/medical science, designers and professors gathered to pinpoint where Karolinska Institutet should get better on to promote interdisciplinary research. Last year, a couple of great experience designers, professor Carol Tishelman from LIME and I ended up at the KI Cancer Retreat to share our […]

Should Karolinska Institute tighter the net of PhD admission?

Do you know what GREs, GATEs or the EMBL subject interview are? If not, probably you are on the lucky side of PhD student admission system: Karolinska. Indeed when it comes to the requirements to enter a PhD study, KI is an outstanding exception compare to many other prestigious institutes, where grad students face tough admission tests and only who scores highest gets into the program. The issue of measuring students […]

2012 CMB retreat: a review

This year, the first week of December doesn’t only kick the Nobel Prize Ceremonies (program here), but also sees the annual retreat of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) department of Karolinska Institutet. More then 150 scientists and workers from CMB met for two days to mingle, exchange researches, ideas and possibly fasten collaboration on December 6th and 7th. This year […]

the BtoB Group kicks asses at Karolinska Institute Cancer Retreat 2012

The Karolinska Institute (KI) Cancer Retreat is an annual meeting for researchers who focuses on the problem of cancer. Usually, molecular biologists drive the event, due to the growing power that this type of research have had within the field of cancer for years, at least at KI. The fact that KI Cancer Retreat lacks scientists […]

Why Polly Matzinger rescued my Science.

Back in May, I wrote a long email to Polly Matzinger, an iconic immunologist from NIH, to invite her to Nov2k, a student-organized symposium at Karolinska Institutet, on November 8th-9th. I felt like a teenager daring to ask an autograph to his favorite pop star outside the backstage after a concert. Would she even read my email? […]

Karolinska Institutet will build a student house in Solna Campus

According to a leaked information from the president of Medicinska Föreningen (MF) Johan Hilm, Karolinska Institutet decided to take action for the problem of student housing in Stockholm. On the pipeline of the Institute, there would be a collaboration with Akademiska Hus (the formal owner of all KI building in Solna Campus) to build a student house skyscraper on top […]

Macchiarini operates but remains at home arrest

[updates from previous post] The worldwide acknowledged surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, arrested in Italy more then 2 weeks ago, has been granted the possibility to operate 15 patients, Corriere della Sera says. The first allowed trachea operation on a women was performed yesterday (Oct. 9) at Careggi Hospital, where the Prof. Macchiarini had a regular contract […]

Prof. Anders Hamsten will become the new rector of Karolinska

Professor Anders Hamsten from the department of Medicine in Karolinska (Solna Campus) has been proposed by the Hearing Assembly of KI as new Rector of the Institute starting from January 2013. The KI Senate will express its opinion in October 11, and in November the suggested Rector will pass the Government scrutiny and eventually the […]