Karolinska at Pride Parade? Not a big deal…

If it didn’t occurred to you yet, Karolinska Institute participated to Stockholm Pride Parade, on August 4th. At the Parade, hundreds of thousand people flooded into the heart of the city not only in support to the LGBTQ community, but also because it was fun. The joy of celebrating weirdness, uncommon human behaviors and sexual liberation was […]

Karolinska supports its students at Stockholm Pride Parade

It arrived today the news that Karolinska Institutet will participate to this year Stockholm Pride Parade through it’s official LGBT-student association: Queerolinska (QK). As part of the steering committee that formulated the request, I’m impressed how quickly KI responded to our call. An official document was sent to the attention of the President of Medicisnka Föreningen, […]

NIH backs LGBT research

The NIH director Francis Collins announced this month the permanently establishment of the Trans-NIH Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Research Coordinating Committee (RCC) which aims to address LGBT and Inter-sexual health related issues. Back in February 2012, the NIH first set three Funding Opportunity Announcements in support of LGBT-related research. Though I failed to fetch the actual amount of […]