“Get the Cash and Run” – Researchers in Italy must act ahead of Government

Saying something new on the looming landscape of medical research in Italy isn’t trivial thing. It requires astuteness, stomach, and a fair degree of imagination. Today, I will try to pull all of this out of the hat as panelist of a conference organised by the University of Bologna on the “evaluation and perspective of its biomedical research”. The meeting […]

I failed my EMBO Fellowship. And I feel the power!

Like other 800 PostDocs in Europe, last August I pressed the “submission” button for my first Fellowship to the European Molecular Biology Organisation. Although I was selected for an interview in Germany, on December 5th my name was not on the list of the 128 best researchers that got 2 years of salary covered by the Fellowship. Given the confidence […]

Grantsmanship: the wrong expectations

As my first experience as PostDoc begins in London, I already had the possibility to write my first couple of Grant proposals. It was a very instructive experience in my scientific career, particularly because my expectation of what a Grant application looks like turn out to be substantially different from what a Grant actually is. This is how I […]

How to get the Post-Doc of your dreams and survive to tell

I thought that sharing my experience during the search for a Post-Doc would be useful to some fellows. I promise myself I would tell my story. I realized I wanted to move on from my PhD’s topic during the last years of my research. What I did in Karolinska is awesome and I love the direction of […]

Lettera al Ministro della Salute Beatrice Lorenzin – AllTrials

Gentile Ministro, So che è molto impegnata in questi mesi: deve tenere a bada i possibili tagli alla salute pubblica e fronteggiare i delusi per il mancato finanziamento a cure sperimentali che cercavano di saltare la fila… Robe serie. Ma ho bisogno di parlarle! Le regole della scienza medica in Europa stanno per cambiare per […]

MIT’s got Talent: undergrad laboratory course becomes a reality show

In the year 2012, make science LAUD has seemed to become the mission of a number of institutes, organizations and governments. Examples? Crowd-funding, where scientists ask directly to people to support their research because is so COOL (and important), counts hundreds of projects funded , with this year #SciFund challenge raising over 100.000$ in only 1 […]

Science is stuff for girls, and no one told me!

Zapping on Tweeter today I noticed Helen Arney (watch her geek songs, totally worth it!) ‏retweeting this video: Science is a girl thing. I don’t exactly remember last time I saw a female colleague of mine walking in the lab on 13 cm of high heels, posing like models in front of the UV machine, or getting […]

Report on the FameLab International Final – Part 1

I just got back home for the Cheltenham Science Festival with the ackward feeling to have left right before the real fun began. I’ll never stop telling people how amazing my experience has been, and how honored I am of belonging to the International FameLabber 2012. If you belong to the smart gang of people […]

Engagement, but not too much: How Medicinska Föreningen wishes to “activate international students”

This post is an update to my preveus entry “Non-swedish-speaker students cannot be enrolled into groups that discuss education projects. karolinska institutet”. The previous episode: Months ago, an animated discussion in our Campus was trigged by a couple of infamous emails spread through Karolinska Institutet mailing-list. These emails announced the possibility to cover vacant positions […]

The ‘most important questions’ in science-policy relationship. Communicate.

It has been a while since Nature started talking about the undeniable bounder between Science and Policy. The topic came back in fashion due to the world economical crisis: in time of money restrictions, tax-payers demand more from what they are giving, politicians know that and scientists have to snap to attention. The latest post in Nature News […]