FameLab comes to Sweden – we look for ORGANIZERS

FameLab is a brilliant and fresh popular communication event, where enthusiasts deliver a scientific message in 3 minutes, without slide. Since 2005, where the format arrived at Cheltenham Science Festival, the contest has spread all over the world. But not in Sweden. Yet. With the local support of the British Council and the enthusiasm of the British […]

KI Cancer Retreat – Open call for students oral presentations

The Bench to Bed group of Karolinska Institutet (an interdisciplinary group of inspiring people interested to create more meaningful research) is proud to announce that also this year will take part at KI Cancer Retreat on September 30th-October 1st. Conference organizers has explicitly asked the group to host a session on effective science communication. The session will be coordinated […]

Get PhD students into Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings: #BtoB project part II

The mission of Bench to Bed (BtoB) continues. We are a group of motivated medical/nursing students/medical science, designers and professors gathered to pinpoint where Karolinska Institutet should get better on to promote interdisciplinary research. Last year, a couple of great experience designers, professor Carol Tishelman from LIME and I ended up at the KI Cancer Retreat to share our […]

the BtoB Group kicks asses at Karolinska Institute Cancer Retreat 2012

The Karolinska Institute (KI) Cancer Retreat is an annual meeting for researchers who focuses on the problem of cancer. Usually, molecular biologists drive the event, due to the growing power that this type of research have had within the field of cancer for years, at least at KI. The fact that KI Cancer Retreat lacks scientists […]

MIT’s got Talent: undergrad laboratory course becomes a reality show

In the year 2012, make science LAUD has seemed to become the mission of a number of institutes, organizations and governments. Examples? Crowd-funding, where scientists ask directly to people to support their research because is so COOL (and important), counts hundreds of projects funded , with this year #SciFund challenge raising over 100.000$ in only 1 […]

Stop biotech company in Florida costs 1 million $ tax money per year. Be critic!

How would you feel if a misunderstanding between a bunch of scientists and your local community of science-skeptics shut out the possibility to improve health, cut tax-money waste and reduced environmental pollution? I would feel VERY down. Instead, more then 100.000 people from Key West, Florida – US, seems to be very happy about this. The story I […]

My PhD thesis in two minutes: the PhD Comics Contest

Ops, I did it again. Running after my burning desire to bring science outside these academic walls, I engaged into a new contest for science communication: The PhD Comics: 2 Minutes Thesis Contest. The contenders are asked to narrate in two minutes their PhD thesis, to explain what is about and why it matters. The target […]

Science is stuff for girls, and no one told me!

Zapping on Tweeter today I noticed Helen Arney (watch her geek songs, totally worth it!) ‏retweeting this video: Science is a girl thing. I don’t exactly remember last time I saw a female colleague of mine walking in the lab on 13 cm of high heels, posing like models in front of the UV machine, or getting […]

#FameLab – Italy. My Bologna selection

Last week I had the privilege to take part in FameLab local selection, in Bologna. FameLab is an international competition firstly organized in England at the Cheltenham Science Festival (UK) in 2005. The intiative looked so good that the British Council (UK’s international cultural relations body) adopted the initiative. Today, more then 20 countries partecipate to the competition, and […]